France Loisirs

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France Loisirs is a retailer dedicated to the sale of books, DVDs and leisure and welfare services to more than two million subscribers in physical stores, online or by postal order. After the celebration of the 40th anniversary of its free subscription program, France Loisirs wanted to update its offer, distance itself from the competition and generate additional benefits.

A study recently conducted by cxLoyalty showed that the advantages associated with lifestyle were attractive to consumers, since 60% responded that they would be more faithful to a brand that would allow them to obtain discounts or reimbursements in the activities they did in their free time. .

The result of the union of this knowledge and the desire of France Loisirs to renew its subscription program was France Loisirs Plus, a tailor-made program that offers its consumers discounts and reimbursements in leisure activities, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets and shops of fashion and beauty.

At the time of its launch, members were offered a series of incentives to encourage them to switch from the old to the new program; among these, 50% of extra points were offered for the acquisition of books and, from the beginning, the result was the increase in sales and the generation of additional benefits for France Loisirs. Continuously, France Loisirs Plus is promoted in physical stores and online through a biweekly digital bulletin in which the new offers are shown, as well as through subscription forms created by cxLoyalty.

Since its launch in October 2013, 269,000 members have registered with France Loisirs Plus, which has generated significant benefits for the organization.

The employment relationship between cxLoyalty and France Loisirs is still active through the incorporation of new offers periodically to ensure the loyalty of the members of France Loisirs.


  • Savings and reimbursement program
  • 269,000 members
  • Important additional benefits