Cómo lo hacemos

When interacting with our clients we apply our philosophy of developing connected relationships. We start by knowing in depth your company, analyze the data and agree on the objectives. Each company is different and has specific needs. Therefore, with our experience and understanding of each situation, we develop strategies as they adjust without interruptions to existing interactions, differentiate you from the competition and foster positive brand association. They also increase customer engagement , prescription and ROI. The key to any relationship is flexibility and collaboration; That’s why we work  with you . At cxLoyalty we know how to listen and adapt.


Protección de Identidad

  • Prevention:
    • Education: we create awareness about threats and guide consumers to help them protect their privacy and identity.
    • Security applications for devices: browser and secure virtual keyboard, VPN, high security storage in the cloud, antivirus software, etc.
  • Detection:
    • Monitoring and active scanning of public web, dark web and social networks to detect risks in consumer data.
    • Alert services that warn if the data is compromised or at risk.
  • Resolution:
    • Professional customer services that provide guidance and solutions for incidents in the event of identity theft or fraud.

Estilo de vida, ocio y tiempo libre

Discounts in stores, preferential access in restaurant reservations, exclusive events, trips, etc. cxLoyalty creates customized proposals based on what your consumers need, value and enjoy.

Our lifestyle services include:

  • Shopping: exclusive discounts, offers and returns in the best online and offline stores.
  • Leisure: discounts, refunds and priority access to tickets, shows and restaurants.
  • Travel: holidays with discounts and custom designed to meet consumer preferences, include personalized experiences, tour packages, cruises and trips.
  • Concierge: exclusive benefits to make life easier for the consumer such as welcome and pick-up at the airport, access to the VIP room, discounted parking, crisis management through personalized services for premium customers, etc.

Customer Insights

We have helped more than 5,000 clients to strengthen more than 250 million relationships with their consumers; We know what motivates people around the world.

Turning ideas into action is the basis of our customer engagement model . We understand the proposals, offers and messages that will attract your different consumers.

Differentiation, conversion or retention: our solutions boost the link with the brand and create value.

Data-Driven Marketing

To really be part of the lives of consumers, companies must connect and generate engagement . From micro moments to offer advice, courage and tranquility. Planned perfectly and offering the right offer through the right channel, a better and more personal customer experience is created .

The data in real time and at rest, enriched with indicators of social networks, allow cxLoyalty to interpret the patterns and preferences of consumers. We configure profiles, calibrated constantly, to optimize customer journeys, while we quickly identify behaviors and attitudes to offer real-time, multichannel and personalized communications and offers.

Our process of adapting consumer profiles means better guidance and obtaining better results for specific actions.

Plataformas Tecnológicas

cxLoyalty works with secure professional platforms that allow our clients to offer personalized proposals based on data and mobile-first in a simple and fast way.

Our platforms are adapted to meet the different priorities and requirements of our customers, including billing, automation, content management, data analysis and omnichannel integration to improve customer experience .

The implementation can be in the cloud, in the offices, or integrating with the technology of our clients through APIs adjusted for different requirements, technology, security and legal compliance.


cxLoyalty offers the best benefits and content of the highest quality, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of suppliers, where each of them shares our passion for excellence in experience.

The offer and the breadth and diversity of products, combined with our digital experience, create proposals with a unique personal impact, establishing more solid and prescription connections.

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